IT Modernization



SBA OCIO faced several inherent issues with IT Security Configurations and assets tracking; desktops with soon-to-be obsolete operating systems; lack of Cloud-based scalability; old phone systems; non-scalable, legacy application systems; and a low FITARA score.


Alpha Omega with its right mix of small teams, agile rollouts, flexibility to limited budgets, and a focus on Cloud technologies configured and deployed secure laptops and VoIP phones across the enterprise; developed a successful Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) solution on the cloud; migrated legacy applications to the cloud; and operated an effective Enterprise Architecture Review Board.


SBA was well positioned to withstand the COVID-19 lockdown and CARES Act PPP surge activities with enterprise-wide remote access capabilities, cost-savings from highly effective CDM solution, a fully operational SBA cloud environment, and a higher FITARA score.