IT Modernization

Digital modernization is generating unprecedented capabilities and benefits to government agencies and the people they support. At Alpha Omega, we deliver IT modernization services with best-of-breed solutions tailored to your needs. With our advanced IT modernization services, you can elevate your customer experience, increase systems security and enhance your mission outcomes, on-time, and on budget. Experience a smarter approach to IT modernization.

Agile. Adaptable. Powerful.

Digital innovation is creating brand new opportunities for organizations. But antiquated legacy applications can hinder your mission-critical operations. Modernize your custom applications so they are agile, intelligent, secure and available anywhere. Using the very latest in emerging technologies, Alpha Omega has the knowledge to bring your systems up-to-date and create powerful software solutions that optimize workflows, budgets and more.

Leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other advanced capabilities, we can help you create state-of-the-art experiences for your customers. Following a proven, step-by-step process we rapidly and seamlessly connect your IT systems to modern applications, all while minimizing disruption. With our IT modernization solutions, you team can reduce costs while creating new efficiencies and enhancing the overall quality of your operations. The results will speak for themselves.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce operational costs and improve your bottom line
  • Create more efficient processes and more intuitive customer experiences
  • Minimize costly downtime among employees
  • Achieve fully automated migration
  • Enable seamless scalability for the future
  • Enhance training procedures for IT staff and end-users

Case Study


  • Challenge

    SBA OCIO faced several inherent issues with IT Security Configurations and assets tracking; desktops with soon-to-be obsolete operating systems; lack of Cloud-based scalability; old phone systems; non-scalable, legacy application systems; and a low FITARA score.

  • Solution

    Alpha Omega was able to bring focused teams of technical specialists to address each issue with minimal impact to the users.  With an emphasis on agency-wide project planning, agile rollouts, flexible implementation, and cloud technology, Alpha Omega was able to help SBA OCIO deliver true enterprise modernization.  SBA OCIO deployed secure laptops and VoIP phones across the enterprise, developed a successful Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) solution on the cloud, migrated legacy applications to the cloud, all while operating an effective Enterprise Architecture Review Board to ensure optimal rollout and mitigate unforeseen issues.

  • Results

    SBA was well positioned to withstand the COVID-19 lockdown and CARES Act PPP surge activities with enterprise-wide remote access capabilities, cost-savings from highly effective CDM solution, a fully operational SBA cloud environment, and a higher FITARA score.

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