Intelligent Automation

Alpha Omega is a recognized leader in intelligent automation implementation.  Whether the solution relies on Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI, machine learning, or any combination, our team focuses on delivering the greatest value from the data and the best results.  We partner with clients to customize open source technology for their business objectives, improving scalability and enhancing customer outcomes.

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The democratization of technology has created unprecedented advantages for society.  The increase in access to applications, information, and technology has greatly empowered citizens, but with it comes new challenges in information management.  Today’s agencies need to manage exponentially more information from multiple sources, applications, and in a variety of forms and formats.  This growth in content management can only be managed with intelligent automation.  Intelligent automation enables enterprise operations and efficiency beyond human capabilities.  Agencies utilizing intelligent automation can process millions of forms and applications a day, identify and resolve issues, and even make recommendations for continuous improvement.

What to Expect

  • Reduced development time and development cost
  • Increased flexibility to meet unique needs
  • Collaborative development methodology to meet specific requirements
  • Integration of latest trends
  • Custom development to enhance digital performance
  • Improved scalability for future performance

Case Study


  • Challenge

    HRSA IRMS has many processes that capture PDF forms that are physically stored in network drives and need to be manually entered for processing. Further, there are multiple silos of data repositories that are manually extracted and linked together to provide insight into the EHB datasets.

  • Solution

    Alpha Omega proposed and developed an RPA bot solution using UiPath that parsed the network drives, captured the data from each PDF field in the SF182 training forms, and uploaded the data to the UiPath datastore. Additionally, Alpha Omega designed UiPath bot to capture linked data from multiple EHBs web sites and upload them to the data repository.

  • Results

    Through the use of robotic process automation (RPA), HRSA developed and deployed several attended robots in support of internal controls A-123 testing to automate processes, reduce labor hours, and improve throughput and quality.

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